D-day : the 75 th anniversary of a Decisive-day

Tarbes, June 6th 2019

Celebrations of the D-Day started in Portsmouth yesterday, on June 5th where the marine operations had begun on June 5th,1944 for the landings. D-Day is what made the French country and whole Western Europe free again and is considered as one of the key events of the outcome of World War II. All Allies and Germany were there to celebrate this event that freed the whole world:

D-Day 75ème anniversaire

The Heads of States didn’t deliver speeches : they read letters instead, letters of soldiers who lost their lives on D-Day to their beloved ones.That’s why the ceremony was very emotional for veterans in particular :

You can watch the opening ceremony there 

We’d like to stress the importance of remembering the sacrifice of soldiers who fought for our freedom and lost their life to save the world. That’s why we should celebrate their bravery and remember how important freedom and peace are fragile and important.

By 1angl 2GR6 English class group