« Migration Matter[ed] » in Théo !

The welcoming of our 8 European partners from October 10th to 14th on the issue of « Itinerant professions, people on the roads », enabled students to meet such diverse people as an astronomer at the top of the « Pic du Midi », a woman farmer and a wooffer or the non-profit association welcoming pilgrims on the St James’ Way in Lourdes, and to take part in various activities from the Circus icebreaking ones on Monday, to walking, tasting local products and watching documentaries about the Pyrenees National Park and their Guards. The week ended up sharing their e-book productions, and enjoying a Good-Bye Party in the Gymnasium with the local music group Fretswing, the food cooked by the FIL and the exhibition by students in partnership with the Archives Departementales.

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A lucky weather, committed colleagues at school and enthousiastic partners made this week an amazing one before the Autumn Break !

Hélène Francès